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About Us

Only 4% of cancer patients participate in clinical trials. When it comes to cancer care, time and precision are of the essence. DROPLET's system combines human and machine intelligence to benefit patients with faster matches to clinical trials. Don't miss out on being part of this transformative journey. Join us. Together, let's revolutionize community cancer care.

Our startup is called Bowhead Health - we are a Canadian company that was founded in 2016. Our mission is to help people own their health data. We have worked with the world's Top 10 Life Science Organizations on developing solutions and were selected as Roche "New Comer" Supplier of the Year in 2022, Eli Lilly's 2019 Global Atopic Dermatitis Challenge Winner and Xconomy's Boston Biotech Week Startup award in 2018.

Francisco Diaz-Mitoma Jr.

CEO & Cofounder

Francisco is a software architect committed to leveraging science-backed evidence to enhance global health solutions. He previously founded Titan Gaming and Playsino. These entities collaborated with partners, including Dreamworks and Rihanna, to produce the #1 game on Amazon "Bingo Home". Francisco has been recognized for his significant contributions to the field with an accolade as a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree.

Stephanie Wacker (M. Sc.)

Clinical Psychologist

Stephanie is a clinical psychologist (M. Sc.) from Germany, specializing in digital and e-mental health. With a rich background encompassing neuroscience, therapy, and content management, she has pioneered advancements in clinical content creation. Stephanie's expertise and commitment resonate with DROPLET's vision, furthering our goal to revolutionize patient care.

Jesse Howell

Behavioral Scientist

Jesse, a behavioral scientist, specializes in utilizing Behavioral Insights to enhance the efficacy of digital tools. With a robust background in UX design and a postdoctoral tenure at the University of Carleton's Stress and Pathology Lab, his expertise is invaluable to DROPLET's mission of optimizing patient-care solutions.